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What is brand storytelling?

Storytelling is an art. When it comes to telling your brand’s story, make sure that you are compelling the crowd in the market to listen and act. A story has the power to motivate, inspire, educate and finally turn your prospects into customers. Brand storytelling strategy can boost conversion by 30%. If there is no story, there is no sale. Here are 5 ways to tell you marketing story and win customers.

1. Discover the purpose of your story:

Before communicating your story to the audience, determine the purpose of the story.This will help with creating a strategy for your brand’s narrative.To understand this, let me explain a very important concept called “Golden Circle”. This concept was presented by “Simon Sinek”. He is a British American Author and motivational speaker. According to him, when it comes to telling your brand’s story, start with what, how and why.

In B2B marketing, it is very important to understand this concept. Start with what (products/ services) is your company providing? Then how( your niche/ differentiation)are you going to do it? Lastly, why are you doing it? It means what is the purpose/ cause behind that you are trying to solve for customers.The idea behind finding the purpose of your brand storytelling is to inform, persuade, explain, entertain and express to your prospects.
Here is an example of Nike.

Once the motive behind your storytelling is clear then it will be easier to aim your potential customers. Here is an example of their purpose.


2. Define your character/ audience:

When describing your story line figure out who your target audience is? What are their interests, where do they hang out, what is something they like or look for? Once you know your prospects, then it will be easier to target them. Find out what are their needs and problems?

Here is an example of Warby Parker. An online retail company for prescription eyeglasses. A premium brand with affordable prices and a motto “We got your eyes covered”. They are solving a problem for 75% of American adults wearing some sort of vision correction. Also they are educating them on what to purchase and how to take correct measurements to purchase online.

Here is their branding video. Pay attention to people appearing in it.Think about it and you will understand who is their target audience.


3. Setting a scene for brand storytelling:

When telling your brand’s story, create a scene for the audience so they can relate it to their problems. Your story can make or break what you are going to sell to your customers. Not only you are solving their problems but also you are bringing a change in this world by helping people and making their lives better.

Here is a best brand storytelling example of Toms brand storytelling. They are setting a scene by making a change and impacting other people’s lives.The shoe brand has a motto of “One for One”.

In this video, they are not only showing how to improve someone’s life by providing shoes to people(when you are purchasing a pair of shoes from them they are giving one to someone who can’t afford to buy it). But also making a change in the world by giving grants as well.The shoe company is setting a scene in this video by describing what they are doing with the money getting from you.

4. Spark your customers emotions:

Be creative with your ideas because it can be perceived as new ways to think and connect to your products/services. Your ingenious idea can spark prospects emotions so they can relate it to their problem and turn into a customer.

Here is an example of a Lego brand. In this video, a Danish production company is telling their story so creatively that any entrepreneur can relate to it.

Also it is showing in the video how their product sparks the imagination in young minds.


5. Give audience a first hand experience with your story:

Your customer is looking for a good experience. It is very important for any business to give a quality user experience to their prospects or unless they won’t convert. By doing this you are actually motivating someone to join you or invest in your product.

When businesses are giving free things to their customers, the only reason is to attract new customers. Aveda, an American cosmetic company gives small goodies of their creams and shampoo samples with purchase.This way the beauty products company is attracting new people to buy their products.

The other example is AirBnB. An online company for arranging lodging and home-stays. Not only offering standard and plus listings of homes but also vetting the quality of the services, comfort and design.They are also giving experiences where guests can book activities with local guides, classes and meetups. 


In a nutshell, your story is influential in marketing storytelling to make prospects into someone who is willing to spend money on your product. Brand storytelling is the future of marketing. It is one of the most powerful ways to convey your message which will be remembered more than numbers.The best story might not be your own but a used generated one but if it has a purpose, defined audience, emotional scene and experience it will do wonders for your brand.

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