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So you’ve started a small business but don’t know how to market it? Perhaps your way of marketing just isn’t cutting it? What if I told you that Raya Khashab, co-founder and CEO of ezClocker, was in the same position you are in right now? In my interview with Raya, she detailed the story behind ezClocker as well as some effective marketing ideas for your small business. 

Before we get into the advice, I think it’s worthwhile to meet the women behind the advice. Before she became the co-founder and CEO of a time tracking software company, Raya worked for a corporation in the software industry. After conducting some research, Raya found that most time tracking software out there was either too expensive or complex to implement. Considering the marketing needs of small businesses, Raya worked to ensure that her time tracking software was user-friendly and affordable. 

The Potential Challenges

While it’s great to be optimistic, there is value in looking at the potential issues you may run into. The biggest challenge entrepreneurs face is that most of them aren’t familiar with the field of marketing; marketing is a vast field, so it’s no surprise that entrepreneurs can find themselves feeling quite overwhelmed. A solution to this is to pick one topic and study it for a month. In this way, you will have enough time to properly understand the material. However, marketing can be difficult and time-consuming, therefore you need to have patience. If something doesn’t work, then move on to the next because there is plenty to learn. 

Importance Of Branding And Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

If you’re thinking that branding and messaging don’t play a significant role in the success of your business, think again! Research has shown that branding and messaging are the most important aspects when marketing your business. Ensure that your brand message highlights the best qualities of your product and be consistent with it. 

How Do You Find Your Target Audience 

Now that you know what you want to sell, you need to figure out who you’re going to sell to. It’s recommended to start broad, figure out who you attracted to with your business. Keep in mind that who you market to can make or break your business, so knowing your target audience is key. 

Marketing Tools 

Now that you have a good understanding of the marketing field, it’s time to learn about the tools you will need to be successful to market your small business. 

LeadPages: It is a simple drag and drop tool which helps businesses create a landing page. Having a separate page for ads enables you to experiment with various factors such as the messaging or price.

Drip: It is a marketing automation platform that businesses can use for their on-boarding and email marketing. 

MailChimp: It is an email marketing platform great for sending newsletters.

RecurPost: As we all know, small businesses have a lot to do, and posting on social media may be hard to manage. That’s where RecurPost comes in handy with its ability to let businesses schedule content for social media ahead of time. 

Upwork: It is a marketplace that businesses can use to find freelancers for their business needs. 

Looking to setup these tools for your small business. We can help you with setting up these tools to market your small business. Contact us today!

The Importance Of Customer Retention 

Customer retention is essential to the success of your business and it’s recommended that you put in the effort to engage with your customers. For instance, if they have contacted you with a question, aim to answer their question and ask them for feedback. By doing so, you show your customers that you value them while also collecting valuable information about your customers. As for feedback, treat it like your best friend. It is crucial to know what your customers think of the quality of your business and how you can improve. You can ask the people who really like what you do to provide a review on your businesses. Oftentimes small businesses know other small businesses, so a referral from one can benefit you.

What Can Businesses Do During Uncertain Times

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that time is an uncertain thing. Below are some of the key aspects you should evaluate when in uncertain times. 

Expenses: Sit down and figure out all of your business expenses. See where your money is going and how you can manage it so it doesn’t negatively impact your business. 

Mindset: Even though times may be grim, you should remind yourself that there are still opportunities around. With every setback, there are new opportunities and it’s your job as a business owner to find those opportunities. 

Motivation: Surrounding yourself with negativity can demotivate you. Try to engage yourself with activities that reflect the mindset you want to be in. This helps to increase the amount of motivation you have and the ideas you can produce. 

Social Media: Social media plays a key role in the success of your business, and that influence has only been amplified by the current pandemic. So, the best thing you could in times like these is to take advantage of social media to market your business. 

With all of that being said, marketing a small business is no easy task; it takes a lot of patience and effort to get where you want to be. I hope the above mentioned marketing ideas for small business will help you figure out the plan. Use that as motivation to accomplish your business goals, and it will pay off. 

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