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Do you ever sit down to create content, but don’t have any ideas? Perhaps you don’t know where to begin? In my conversation with Melanie Deziel, Director of Content at Foundation Inc Co. and author of the book “Content Fuel Framework, we discussed the answers to those questions and everything you need to know about finding content ideas for social media in 2021. 

The Potential Problems with finding content ideas for social media:

In the world of content creation, one can come across two potential problems: we either feel the pressure to create tons of content ideas or think that our story isn’t interesting enough to tell. The first problem stems from the pressure we put on ourselves as business owners to do everything we can when it comes to creating content. But the truth is, you didn’t create your business to be on these social media platforms — you did it because it was your passion. 

The second problem is a product of self-doubting your business and thinking that it doesn’t have a unique enough story to it. This in return can lead to feeling overwhelmed as we undermine our capabilities. However, we need to realize that we all have a story and are capable of telling it. 

To implement this mindset, it’s recommended that you first figure out the way you like to tell stories and then come up with  content ideas that feed into it. For example, if you’re a good writer, try telling your story in a textual format. 

How Can Businesses Create Customer-Centric Content Ideas:

Before we go any further, we must accept the fact that there will always be noise surrounding the world of technology — it’s inevitable. So rather than trying to create as much content to combat the noise, put your energy towards creating content that meets your customers’ needs. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What are some of the challenges my customers face? 
  2. What are the questions my customers need answered?
  3. What are some of the things that intrigue my customers?

By asking these questions and using the answers to drive the content ideas , you will have their interest built into whatever you create. In addition, aim to differentiate your content from the rest. This may be in the form of using better quality pictures, explaining your content in-depth or simply adding additional relevant facts. 

What Is Content Framework & How Can Businesses Use It:

The reason we find content generation difficult is because we don’t have a system. In  Melanie’s book “Content Fuel Framework”, she suggests having two checklists while creating content . The first checklist is for the focus of your content ideas , as every piece of content generated has a meaning behind it. The second checklist is for format, that being the way you bring your content into the world. The idea behind this concept is to go through your checklist of focuses and find the potential format which can best tell your story. 

There aren’t many “unique” content ideas and most of them have already been done, therefore the best way to differentiate yourself is by how you go about the idea. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, instead try to focus on creating content that suits your audience as your audience wants content from you — not someone from the past. 

How Can Businesses Generate Unlimited Content Ideas:

One piece of content you can create which will always be relevant is educational content. By doing this, your customers will be able to better understand what you offer, and will hopefully trust your business down the road. By giving to your customers in the form of educating them, your customers will give back by buying from your business. If you are a local mechanic who runs an auto shop, the best educational content is to teach your customers about  how often they should change tires and how to prep their car for winter or summer.

What Role Does Data Play In Storytelling + Finding Content ideas:

Data is essential if you want to create better consistent content. When looking at data, it’s important to have a clear view of what your goal is. Below are some examples of the types of goals businesses may set: 

  1. Awareness Goals: Reach as many people as possible 
  2. Engagement Goals: Keep the current relationship you have with your audience 
  3. Conversion Goals: Create sales, get people to sign up, etc. 

Tools To Create Content Ideas for Social Media:

Do you ever feel that you can’t come up with any new content ideas? It’s suggested that you apply the same content idea for a different audience.  Let’s say you have a cooking channel, think about creating a recipe video for single people, families, a party, for the on the go, etc. Look and see which members of your audience aren’t being served by your content and see how you can fix that. Another example is about tax season, where you can show your audience how to get tax deductions if you are a student, a parent or a business owner.

Challenges Faced While Creating Content:

A lot of people are worried about the fact that they don’t have the right technology or skills to compete in their respective fields. However, it’s important to remember to just do what you can because you have to start somewhere. On the other, some people may not feel confident enough with their work. In that case, know that it’s much better to put a nine out than to wait around for a ten. 

As Melanie Deziel puts it, “just go for it”. Creating content for social media can seem quite intimidating, but with the correct planning and perseverance, anyone can become a pro at it. 

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